BetaBasics: making your business successful by ensuring that your company can handle a changing environment

Who are we?

  • We are senior consultants at executive and board level.
  • We work for profit as well as non-profit companies in an (inter)national context.
  • Our experience is based on more than 30 years hands on experience and is supported by academic education in technical and business sciences.

Typically we have been in charge of projects like:

  • Strategy development and implementation.
  • Improvement of labour relations, reorganisations, organisation development.
  • Relocation, closure, integration of manufacturing facilities.
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes and working systems, cost reduction.
  • Improvement of decision making and communication.

Our principles and values – “the beta basics” – can be summarised as follows:

  • Improving personnel effectiveness is the best investment one can make.
  • If you want to be low cost, make sure your systems are effective.
  • It is impossible to run your business without fact based information.
  • Make clear strategic choices and live to them with perseverance.

The BetaBasics consultants

Wil van Susteren

Wil van Susteren is mechanical as well as business engineer. He has been managing and counselling SME’s at CEO level for more than 30 years.

He is especially at home in family enterprises. Wil distinguishes himself because he does not only act as a sounding board or coach but actively works together with entrepreneurs in realising break throughs and implementing the changes required. Thereby he continuously keeps an eye on the success and continuity of the company.

Wil’s clients particularly appreciate him because he often comes out with possibilities and solutions of which they are not aware themselves.

Jan Willem Merkx is chemical and pharmaceutical engineer as well as business engineer. He has been managing and counselling companies and non-profit organisations in Europe, Asia and Africa for more than 30 years.

Jan Willem is a specialist in managing organisations where fundamental changes are essential in order to survive or to become more successful.

He is able to realise results in a diversity of situations, cultures and environments whilst making sure that employees and other stakeholders actively participate in the changes.

Jan Willem is often asked by entrepreneurs who are looking for somebody who can challenge them critically and creatively and can support them in building a better organisation.

Our philosophy in a nutshell:
Our environment changes continuously, but people remain the foundation.

Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to keep a company healthy by just maintaining a stable balance. Developments do no longer come to a standstill and circumstances do not settle down. We find ourselves so to speak in a continuous state of change. In other words in a beta world, a world that is never done.

The beta world requires more than ever that organisations continue to think out of the box. Organisations that can be recognised by cooperation and are controlled by effective systems. Agility, resilience and perseverance are the key concepts.

However, what remains constant is that people make a difference. It is not only about what is required from a rational point of view, but about making use of what can be achieved. Continuously, one has to choose between ratio and emotions. Between challenge and risk management. Between embarking on a new course and persisting in chosen directions.

Success in the beta world is only possible whilst keeping an eye on human standards and on what makes people move.

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